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 Videobb - Make Up to $30 - Upload and Make $$$ - No Bull

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PostSubject: Videobb - Make Up to $30 - Upload and Make $$$ - No Bull   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:38 am

Dear Users and Partners,

We are pleased to announce the launch of VIDEOBB.COM!

This is a new innovative service for videohosting that has never been seen before. Our technology is groundbreaking for this industry which has not seen the light of a serious service for quite some time. We plan to push it to new heights and invite you to read on.

Our videoplayer is built from scratch and is customized for our users and service. Not many other host have spent time on research and development as we have, and built their own.

Like any other services, we have attempted to eradicate all known bugs from our system before giving you this product. However, as you may understand, everything is never always perfect. We will therefore like you to inform us on our performance and eventually bugs that you may come across via our Contact Us form found on our page. We have a dedicated IT team that will be able to solve bugs and implement new features upon request from our users.

Our platform is straight forward:
-Upload your personal videos,
-Share it with your friends, family, associates, acquaintances (et. al.)
-Get paid for letting them watch it.

The following is our Payment scheme:

For more information, please see:

As can be seen on the rate card, you could be sharing with your friends in Oman or Australia – It doesn't matter; you will get paid regardless for every single unique view.

Current payout methods for Videobb:

If you haven’t joined us yet, now is the time to convince yourself to make something good about your personal videos and get paid for what you love to do.

Final note: We run a zero-tolerance policy for any adult material. Please refrain from uploading material with such nature as that will be a cause for immediate ban and removal of your account.

We look forward working with you all!

Best regards,

Dave @
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Videobb - Make Up to $30 - Upload and Make $$$ - No Bull
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