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 Utilizing Ms Excel In Sales Marketing For Data Analysis

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PostSubject: Utilizing Ms Excel In Sales Marketing For Data Analysis   Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:40 pm

Target Audience: Anyone involved in areas of sales and marketing and wanting to put theory into practice by identifying the marketing management process data and analyzing it using Excel’s built-in tools and techniques.

Learning Outcome: Equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills of doing the jobs of marketing management.
Pre-requisite: Understanding of what Excel offers and is capable of doing with some understanding of simple commonly used functions like SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT.

Synopsis: To be a successful marketer, one needs to have vital information and how to put together this information in a creative manner, in order to achieve the set objectives. Marketers need to be resourceful and understand the tools that are at their disposal. One such tool is Microsoft Excel. As marketers, the primary objective is to continuously keep existing customers while trying to build new ones. This is where Excel can be used in each step of the marketing process by segmenting, targeting and positioning the products.

Participants will be taught how Excel can help them in the areas of Marketing Management, Product Management, and Marketing Communications. Some of the areas included are forecasting and calculating average growth rates using Goal Seek; calculating the difference of given dates; analyzing databases with Databases functions; finding specific results using Lookup functions; scanning a segmented list with specific characters; calculating growth rates; and finally segmenting, targeting, and positioning with Pivot Tables.

Click Here Utilizing Microsoft Excel In Sales and Marketing For Data Analysis
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Utilizing Ms Excel In Sales Marketing For Data Analysis
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