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 Performing and Interpreting Financial Calculations Ms Excel

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PostSubject: Performing and Interpreting Financial Calculations Ms Excel   Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:42 pm

Target Audience: Finance Personnel; Non-Finance Executives with a little
understanding of basic finance; Managers and above

About the Course:
Many finance and accounting professionals are well versed in the subject matter but often find it a hindrance when it comes to the application of financial theory and principles by putting it into practical application using Microsoft Excel.
This program caters for all finance and accounting (besides others) who want to have an edge by learning to apply the various financial functions Excel offers. Starting with the basics of finance terms such as DCF, Time value of money and eventually moving on to other key areas.
Basically, a financial function in Excel performs a common business calculation involving money. These include calculations of loan repayments, calculation of the interest and principal portion of a loan, and determining various aspects of depreciation. Decisions are then made based on the calculated value.

Click Here Performing and Interpreting Financial Calculations Using Microsoft Excel
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Performing and Interpreting Financial Calculations Ms Excel
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